Online scratch cards – are we crazy? Nope – it’s true, the offline gambling classic has become a big hit on the web – so check out its credentials and try a few out next time you’re in need of chilled-out jackpot entertainment…………..

Why play online scratch cards?

Just like any casino and gambling games that’s transferred from ‘the real world’ – online scratch cards have had their doubters. However, following in the foot steps of games like video poker and roulette, scratchies are now thrilling online gamers with action that’s genuinely better than before! Using state-of-the-art graphics and gaming engines, online scratch games are slick, real-feel mediums – with the added bonus of flashing animation and cool sounds (when was the last time you saw a scratch card do that)!

However, there are countless other advantages of taking your scratchie gaming into cyberspace……..

You can play anywhere you like with Internet access – even at work I dare say!

Online scratch cards can be played with very low or high stakes, giving all gamers the chance to play.

There range of online card themes is much enhanced, with more themes and new releases.

You can use digital coins for a real-feel scratch experience
Play with your own style with slow scratching, or super-fast auto scratch features!

Scratch card strategies

Before you start getting excited about the prospect of winning more scratch payouts using skill or strategy, the bad news is, as you’ve probably guessed – they’re essentially all down to luck! However, playing with some savvy tactics can still pay dividends and maximise your entertainment level…………

1.Use a scratchie budget for your weekly gaming (a sensible amount you can afford to lose!)
2.Choose a card value at the beginning of the month, and never chase losses with bigger value scratch cards!
3.Decide on a pre-set number of scratch cards per session
4.Split your gaming into short weekly sessions, rather than one big scratchie fest!

Scratch card jackpots

Average online scratch cards pay out in the 95-98.5% zone, meaning most online gamers will experience regular payouts (assuming you play regularly). However, remember that with a game of chance like scratchies, you’re likely to hit hot sessions and cold cards – that’s why it’s a great idea to play regularly to maximise your hopes of lucky sessions. When it comes to cool jackpot power, online scratch cards can seriously make your day if lady luck’s shining brightly in your direction – with payouts worth mega thousands! Be aware that scratch payouts are determined by the combination of card value, coin size and coin number – so striking a 5000 coin win can payout differently depending on your wager level!

With hundreds of free casino and parlour bonus available in 2008 – you can even try out some online scratch cards 100% free, so next time you need cheering-up, you know exactly where to look!

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